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Il Bottaccio Restaurant and Relais is the precursor of a formula which originates from the marriage of intuition with fine cuisine.  A haven for the gourmet traveller who doesn’t like hotels, the table at Il Bottaccio is an altar around which the four elements – air, earth, water and fire – celebrate the rites of the senses.

For the fortunate guests of this antique olive oil mill, it is impossible to distinguish where the restaurant ends and the art gallery begins.

Its refined collection of sculptures, paintings, antique and modern furnishings, and careful blending of styles create the canvas for an unforgettable dining experience. Here the food is made of a finer substance, where perceptions, sensations and emotions combine to  nourish both body and soul.  Here cuisine is exalted through the subtle infusion of beauty, rhythm, and poetry adding the unique quality that demarcates the establishment’s passage from Profession to Art.

Menus € 60,00 – € 90,00  s. 10% Carte € 60,00 – € 120,00 s. 10%