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The Art of living and making of oneself a masterpiece Il Bottaccio has created an oasis of being around this philosophy – a Health and Beauty Wellness for believers that the body and spirit are reflections of one another, that a healthy body creates a healthy world, and that the two should be nurtured and cared for together. Its very name, ‘Otzium,’ springs from the Latin word for ‘not doing’-‘ozio’. Here, stripped of every role, and abandoning every identification with the clamour of daily life, time is suspended, and the body begins to dream again, in contact with the truest and most sincere part of itself.

This is the real wealth, the only luxury. The mastery of the masseuse, the aromatherapy and chromo-therapy, are elements of a personally prescribed wellness path that culminates in the rare and unique Hammam – the original Turkish Bath – jewel of hundreds of years of careful study and knowledge of the secrets of the body. Crossing the threshold of the world of Otzium, you are enriched with its subtle food of perceptions, sensations and emotions, and are enabled to close every internal distance, to take life back into your hands, and to become again responsible for being healthy, happy and free – your natural birth rights.

Ayurvedic Massage
Shiatsu Massage
Meridian Massage with Oil and Essences
Meridian Massage with Gua Sha Technic
Rebalancing Massage with Tibetan Bells
Four Hand Massage
Yin/Yang with Essential Oils