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General Measures


The general measures for the prevention and containment of the contagion are essential and fundamental factors of the corporate anti-COVID-19 protocol and include:

  • frequently sanitize your hands with soap and water and with the products made available
  • avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth
  • constantly wear the mask
  • coughing or sneezing while covering with a bent arm or a handkerchief, which must then be immediately discarded
  • always maintain an interpersonal distance of not less than one meter
  • avoid close contact / handshaking / hugging with other people

Specific COVID-19 prevention measures in use at Relais & Chateaux Il Bottaccio


  • All employees of our Maison constantly wear masks
  • All guests of the Maison must constantly wear their own mask or provided by the hotel itself, except when inside their room and seated in the restaurant
  • The temperature is measured for all employees before the start of the shift and for all guests before check-in operations
  • All rooms are sanitized with both sanitizing products and with an ozonating machine (daily)
  • All rooms and common areas are subjected to additional periodic sanitization with a special nebulizer (weekly)
  • All the aeration characteristics of the premises and ventilation systems have been checked and all the filter packs of the ventilation and / or air conditioning systems have been cleaned, sanitized and where necessary replaced
  • The flows of employees and guests have been rethought in order to reduce crowds in and out of the hotel


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